Swanson’s Concrete Ltd. takes in demolition material (asphalt & concrete).

In keeping with “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) initiatives, Swanson’s recycles concrete & asphalt to minimize any waste materials, thus maximizing our abilities to recycle and re-use post industrial materials and help meet your LEED goals!

Swanson’s has a Recycling Plant that recycles both concrete and asphalt. The resulting products, crushed concrete and crushed asphalt are in high demand from our contractors and homeowners for fill and driveway topping as they are both highly compactable products.

Navvy Jack (aggregate & sand blend) – generally used for hand mixing concrete

Washed Sand (also known as concrete sand or C33) used for septic systems

C33: used for septic fields

Pit Sand (3/4” minus bank run clean sand, compactable construction sand) – used for backfill, fill

Pit Run (bank run gravel) – Used for fill, packable and easy to work with

Torpedo (14mm round stone) – used in the production of Concrete, playgrounds, decorative landscape

Ready Rock (20mm) used in the production of Concrete, perimeter drains for eaves troughs and decorative landscaping

Drain Rock (1 ½ – 2 inch round rock) used in drain fields, perimeter drains and decorative landscaping

Clear Crush (16mm – ½ inch, OR 20mm – ¾ inch) great for driveways, parking lots and decorative landscaping

Crusher Dust (Screenings) this is a highly compactable product, great for topping driveways,  filling potholes and used in decorative landscaping

Road Base, Crushed Concrete and Crushed Asphalt (1 inch minus) as sub base for building roads

Mason Sand (Fine Sand) used by Stone Masons for cementing building blocks, stone walls and some landscapers use it for between paving stones

Washed Fill Sand can be used as bedding, between paving stones and backfill

Yard Scrapings (a Lehigh Northwest Product (CONAG) ) this product changes on a daily basis, it is the last of the gravel piles after a ship or a barge has been loaded. Generally used for backfill, sub bases for roads and fill

Crushed Concrete (1 inch minus only)

Crushed Asphalt (1 inch minus only)