Who We Are?

Mission Statement – Past to Present

Two brothers, a gravel shovel on tracks, a Ford tractor, a 1953 dump truck and some sand and gravel combined with a lot of hard work was the beginning of Swanson’s Concrete Ltd. Swanson’s was started in 1969. Bags of cement had to be broken by hand and added to the mixture to make concrete in our first mixer truck, a 1969 Ford F800. Unit # M-1.

Today Swanson’s operates a batch plant in Sechelt, strategically placed to deliver concrete in a timely fashion and meet the concrete needs for the entire Sunshine Coast and outlying islands.

Swanson’s Concrete Ltd. and its staff are proud to be the leading supplier concrete on the coast. Swanson’s currently has 16 full time employees. Our drivers have an accumulated 247 years experience in the Concrete field. Swanson’s is continually working to meet the highly technical concrete specifications required in the construction industry today.

Swanson’s Concrete Ltd. values Community involvement, environmental stewardship and the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers. Swanson’s is the leader in responsible dust control management on the Sunshine Coast. Dust control systems on our batch plants ensure zero percent emissions to the environment. Swanson’s recognizes our business has a wide range of impacts on the well-being of our community. Through our commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices, we are working to ensure that these impacts are positive.

Swanson’s Concrete Ltd. strives continually to improve our company’s skills and increase our knowledge and capabilities in order to operate our business to the highest level of professional performance. Swanson’s is proud and committed to ensuring its place in the community as a responsible business.

“Laying the Foundation for the Sunshine Coast”

There is a work ethic at Swanson’s Concrete Ltd. that has been carried through generations… a standard that keeps customers coming back time after time.

That ethic is hard work and integrity and it began in 1963 when, as Bea Swanson wrote in her journal… “with dreams, hopes and fears for the outcome of their venture, Harold and Len bought out a small gravel business and Swanson Brothers was born…”

Swanson’s Concrete Ltd. wishes to extend our sincere gratitude for your confidence and support during the past years! It is good friends and customers like you that make our business successful.